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Some more poetry I've picked up.

On the road that I have taken
one day, walking, I awaken
amazed to see where I have come
where I'm going where I'm from

This is not the path I thought
This is not the place I sought
This is not the dream I bought
just a fever of fate I've caught

I'll change highways in a while
at the crossroads, one more mile.
My path is lit by my own fire.
I'm going only where I desire.

On the road that I have taken,
one day, walking, I awaken,
amazed to see where I have come
Where I'm going, where I'm from
~The Book of Counted Sorrows

By the fern brake deep shady
There I met an elfin lady
Dressed in cobwed silk and flowers
There she whiled away the hours
Waiting until dark.

On the soft green moss beside her
Lay a baby wrapped in eider
Skin so fair and hair like midnight
The lady watched the coming twilight
Wait till 'twas dark

Silently, I sat beside her
Hoping for some words to gather
In my numb and startled mind.
Said the lady "You're most kind
to wait with me till dark"

"Are you lost?" I asked the lady
"Is this your home, this fern brake shady?
Will the others come by star and moon?"
She only smiled, began to cron
to the elfin child

The baby slept. The lady told me
Deep magic of the Earth and Sea.
"Use them well," she said, " Be bold
When spelling in the night."

"Can I work these?" The lady smiled
Gathered up her sleeping child
"Oh yes," she answered, "'Tis a boon
For waiting with me till the moon
Slips up the sky."

Thinking deep I sat beside her
Keeping watch, I heard the rider.
Coming through the fern brake shady
"Are you there, my lovely lady?"
Called an elfin voice.

An Elfin lord, his clothes all viney
Armed with sword and dagger shiny.
Rode his horse into the fern brake.
Then my heart began to quake.
On seeing his dark eyes.

Twilight gathered, birds were still
The Moon cam up above the hill
Suddenly I felt alone
"have no fear, for you have sown
good friendship."

The lady smiled and raised her hand
Upon her brow a shining band
Glistened by the light of Moon.
"Would you too give forth a boon?"
She asked her lord.

"For here is friend,a watcher bold.
but they are enemies of old,"
The elf lord answered.
"No," she said,
"But guarded in this fern bed."
He smiled

"So there are some who wish us well."
His voice was like a distant bell
A ring he took off his hand
"This will tune you to the land
and magic"

It's stone was pale, just like the Moon
The air was filled with eldritch tune,
As they mounted, lord and lady,
Rode off through the fern brake shady
I stood alone

People say elves are not there.
But I have heard their voices fair.
When I sit down in the brake.
Magic spells I've learn to make
All from the lady.

The elf's lord ring is on my hand
To help with magic from the land.
Sometimes I talk with the lord and lady
In the fern brake, deep and shady,

Is there magic? For me 'tis so
For when the sun is sinking low,
I feel the earth's power with in my heart
And I know that I shall never part
From the lord and lady.

Elves by D.J. Conway

Pain falling me like rain
showering all parts of my mind and spirit
battering at my thoughts, blinding me
throwing a haze of confusion around me
All my thoughts are flooding around me
I am drowning, drowning in myself
Ah, sweet darkness, so calm and quiet
all around me, to where I fall, into a
deep eternal sleep
~By Kymmikat from, Outside of Society

I see someone looking at me, staring
I cock my eyebrow, and gaze into their eyes
and I smile as they squirm under the pressure
I see them wonder, should I back down or keep staring?
Almsot always they advert their eyes
Just another perk in my day
~Kymmiekat, outside

I want to dance and set myself free to the beat
and the music radiate like heat.
then the music changes to a swing
and then my soul is taken on wing
and then when my flight is through
to my soul I will be true
and with that I'll be free
and just die and just be.
~Kymmiekat, Outside

For all those who are lazy and think you are great....
you have yet to scratch the meaning of greatness
never will
I wait for when, you get into the reall world and your see your weakness
Of course if you wereto get the real world, which that itself would be a feat
As I watch you shrink away in fear, I laugh out loud and ask:
Where are you now?

~Kymmiekat, Outside

Such actors I see around me.
So many plays that go on and on.
It's like watching one huge play with a bunch of little ones going off and on in it.
But isn't that what life is?
Just one huge performance?
I wonder when the curtains fall, will anyone be clapping?

~Kymmiekat, outside

I feel like the waves have calmed
as if things are being smoothed over
like a piece of clear blue glass
all the world seems a deep blue color
the color of serenity
as I look around this blue world
I sigh, like a gust of stormy wind
releasing all the tension from my body
as I'm taken away by sleep's gentle talons

Piano keys filling my mind
notes peacefuly blending together
soothing my neverending
like Auroas shinning face
the music brightens my soul
and warms my heart
Stepping into tranquility
my living soul quiets and rests
to enjoy the melody
serenity flows through me
I close my eyes, for that fleeting moment
that last an eternity
I rest my head on my hand
and melt into shimmering solace

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Aim for the sun. You may not reach it, but your arrow will fly far higher than if aimed at an object on a level with yourself.
~J. Hawes


"We grow not older every year, but newer with each day"
~Emily Dickson

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