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The best poetry you'll ever read,...or at least I think so!


Drink some Java and enjoy some weird ass, deep, cool poetry!

I remember you falling asleep in my lap in your mom's car.
I remember how peaceful and hansome you looked
I remember when you piled those stuff animals on my face so all you could see was my nose
I remember how we rubbed noses and how you outlined my face with your fingers
I remember lying on your couch, in yours arms memorizing your face
I remember talking on the phone with you for hours
I remember you kissing me softly and telling me words of hope
I remember....
~Kymmiekat, Outside

Writing on the wall
as I face you
do you see me?
I see you
but do I really see you or just
Writing on the wall
roses are red and violets blue
man, I don't even like you
in fact, I hate your guts
because you're just
Writing on the wall
I'm walking down this hallway
and I see this light
As I reach for it,
it disappears, it's just
Writing on the wall
in my mind's eye, I can fly
but shooting stars drag me down
and I fall to the ground
because it's just
Writing on the wall
~by Kymmiekat, Outside of Society

I look into the mirror
and see my face
I stare
into my eyes
deeply gazing
then look
and see myself
for the first time
in someone else's eyes
I see what I am
and I smile
knowing that I'll
be alright
~Kymmiekat, Outside of Society

I am God
I am Satan
I am the holy trinity
I am the demons
I am the angels
they are a part of me
something I made up
I am the sun, the moon, the stars
they are a part of me
I am the grass, the trees, the rocks, the dew
They are also a part of you, as the same that you are a part of me
We are everything, everything is us
I am the hated, the hater
I am the loved, I am the lover
I am the bringer of life
I am the bringer of death
I am the known
I am the unknowable
I am closed
I am open
I am filled
I am empty
I have no religon
I am the religon
I am bright
I am dark
I am the are, were, could have been, may be, and will never be
I am pleasure
I am pain
I am the contradictor
I am the contadiction
~Kymmiekat, Juniper Book I

I wish to swim in the music of myself
To be in tune with my true self
To find the harmony within us all
and sing the song of my sould
Scream it out loud, twist it, marr it,
let it heal
Show it to those who wish to see it
and those who dont
Show it to the world, then keep it
for me to wonder at
~Kymmiekat, Outside of Society

I know this is out of order but this is my newest poetry!

Faery wings
made of
moonlight silk
dancing on the
shoulder blades
of my dreams
dueling the
ink stained
doubts inside
my mind
honey dipped
souls swirl
around me
in a milkshake
sugar spun
halo melts
on my molten
strung out
eyes stare
deep upon
intensly ripping
at my soul
mile colored
glow forms
around me
making the
pain turn to
mouse colored
I look down at
my rust hair
the world blends into it
it's all
a flame

Razor tipped words
cut walls inside
Rough edged emotions
fill each nook and
Sweet laughter expanses
the evaprates from
brittle tense heat
Invisable bars
filters dwey pink
Copper streajed blond
flames throughout
the chalky shell
burnt end meet
bit down tongues
unspoken whispers
echo in outer space
Broken winged angels
soar in fogged wind
Rest upon broken
color shimmers sparks
and breaks
Journeys by pathways
are cut down with razors
addictive kiss blunt
the knife
Anger warms
the soul lit fire
flaming pupils
bring up the
falling branches
Ladybug dances fill
the night
All caged and chained
by the ruling thumb
of life

The musian's mind
never sleeps
Sleep bidden eyes
blike brightly talking
of things that make
up his soul
Unshaven face makes
the music of life
The crazyness of it all
Two lives, two faces
is what we see
dice is what he lives by
snake eyes can
computer keys and
guitar strings flashes
through his minds
Ludicrous words flow
out of his mouth
Now when walking
down the hall
another person shines
through the gray mass

Deep Inside

Wind and waves
flap at my feet
I am a goddess
this is my heart beat

The wind beats
my heart and soul
Crescent moon reflects
across the stream as it flows

Red orange sunsets
blue hazy mountains
shining falling stars
marble stone fountains

My eyes are the world
I am the love and happiness
taste my lips
and their sweetness

I'm within the earth
watching things grow
I'm in your mind
whispering the things you know

Butterflies and rainbows
swirl about me
Deep and dark inside my soul
like the quivering sea

Magick and faeries
half smiles and eclipes
wathc through the forest
fireflies join with us

Wind and Waves
flap at my feet
I am a goddess
this is my heartbeat

I shall be putting my little quotes I have and pics along here, so it'll be cool I swear. Or at least I hope........

The past and present wilt- I have filled them, emptied them and proceed to fill my next fold of the future.
-song of myself


You will hardly know who I am or what I mean
-Song of myself


The sweeping up the heart and putting love away. We shall not want to use again until eternity
~The bustle in a house


Poetry Page 2

I hope you enjoy my poetry, if you would like to send some of your poetry to be posted, email me.