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All About ME!


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All About ME!

Just a little about myself.


I was born April 18 ( so I expect a card from all of ya) in the early 80's. I lived pretty poor but I was spoiled by my rich grandparents. i was the first girl on my dad's side, Kymmie got lots of attention and presents. I swear I'm not spoiled! Most of my childhood years were spent at my grandma's store in Troy Mills, Ia. Very very small town!
My parents being divorced when I was 3, I got to travel around the great states of Iowa and Illonis! It was still fun, and I got to be around people who just love me! Wait, everyone loves me, but seriously. All that traveling got me used to being in a car and made it easy for me to adjust to new situations. So divorce, is not a bad thing. That's about it for my childhood that is too interesting.


Teenage years
Ok! So I'm still in these! Yes, I know that I'm a child. Some navajo I know keeps telling that. These years have been a challenge, but worth it. In my earlier teens I got interested in the religon wicca, and started learning about it and meeting people that was interesting in it. I Got a few people around me who were more experienced than me were able to teach me some things. Alas I didn't find what I needed in Wicca, but I agree with many of the ideals on Wicca. Today I'm still looking for a religon that fits me well.


Currently, I am a student at a community college and working at a Faraway Meat Department, and am just enjoying being a teenager at the time being. Right now the love of my life and I are learning about how to be in a relationship. I'm a pretty happy person, in choir, the art club, and lots of other activities.

And the future.......
Who knows, I just hope I'm happy and not lonely. Well, actually I'd like to be in a job dealing with psyhcology, and I plan to get married and have a family(once I settle down!) I don't plan to have kids anytime soon but I do plan to get married in a few years.

You'll get to learn more about me and my past, as soon as I remember it!!!